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Top 3 Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt

Every city in this world has something unique and different to offer to locals and the tourists. Be it historical sites, food, recreational areas or other things, each city holds its own identity. Same is the case with Frankfurt. Frankfurt, besides being a beautiful city, is the most important commercial and economic center in Europe. Frankfurt is also considered as a global city and this is the reason why it is always in the list of the top ten best cities in the world to live and do business in. There are tons of attractions in this city. If you are planning to visit Frankfurt or are already in the city staying in a hotel, you should look to visit these following top tourist attractions in Frankfurt. Each of these is always flooded with tourists, so be prepared for that.

The Römerberg

Located in the heart of Frankfurt’s Old Town Altstadt, The Römerberg is a square having Justice Fountain at its center. This is Frankfurt’s most scenic public square and thousands of people visit this place each day. Not to forget, this is the busiest pedestrian zone of the city and it is also the home of many tourist attractions. There are many Kulturschrins you can see which are a form of open-fronted shops that were common throughout the old town. Besides the shops, there is a complex of 11 different old buildings of the 15th to 18th centuries. This is the place that you should look to visit in the night time.

Goethe House & Museum

Frankfurt also holds the credit for being the birthplace of Germany’s greatest writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The Goethe House is the place where he was born and lived until 1765. The house tells a different story of the people who once lived in this place. The house is now a museum named after his name. Here you can find artwork of his time and see the place where he wrote most of his famous art pieces.

Senckenberg Natural History Museum

When it comes to Frankfurt, you will see that the history is preserved in every corner of the city. Senckenberg Natural History Museum is one of the most modern museums of natural history in the entire Europe. This museum holds several displays relating to the evolution of organisms, large dinosaurs, and many other artworks portraying the development of mankind. If you do not understand their language, you can also hire a translator or take English Language Tours.

These are top three tourist attractions in Frankfurt. Not only are these very close to some of the finest hotels, but are extremely popular, so if you plan to go there by foot, you can easily do so. Don’t forget to take your camera with you because at these places, you will get several opportunities to capture the moments in the lens of your camera.

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