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Must-see Landmarks and Monuments in Berlin

Berlin, the largest and the capital city of Germany, is a beautiful city rich with historic points. The buildings of Berlin are the proof of the glorious architecture of the city. If you are visiting Berlin with your family, you should look to visit the landmarks and monuments in the city that are becoming the most popular tourist destinations in Berlin. Here are a few landmarks in Berlin that you should definitely visit in Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate

It is the 18th-century neoclassical monument in Berlin built after the temporary restoration of law and order during the Batavian Revolution. The Brandenburg Gate gives the best view in the night time when the lights are on and the walls shine brightly. There is also a park behind this grand monument which is ideal for jogging, walking, and even a family day out. Your trip to Berlin is incomplete if you skip this place.

Victory Column

Victory Column was built as a symbol of victory in the Danish Prussian War. It is located in the center of Berlin. There are 285 steps that lead you to the top of the monument. From the top, you get an amazing view of the Brandenburg Gate. Not only the Brandenburg Gate, but the whole city looks fascinating from the top of the Column.

East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery is the world’s biggest open air gallery showcasing the art work of 106 international artists. The gallery section spreads to 1.3 kilometers of the original wall. This wall is a symbol of an entire era that ended long ago. Locals as well as tourists from around the world visit this place. For art lovers, this gallery is nothing less than a heaven on earth. You can take pictures here and witness the bygone era closely.

Reichstag Dome

Reichstag Dome is a symbol of brilliant architecture. This monument is always flooded with visitors and this is the reason why you need to make an online reservation to get in. However, the entry is free. From the top of Reichstag Dome, you can have a look at the picturesque views of the city and watch the sunset.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

This is a very special place and it was built as a homage to the murdered Jews of Europe. The monument reminds of the murdered Jews. The monument was inaugurated in May 2005, sixty years after the end of the World War II. Located in the south of Brandenburg Gate, you should visit this place to pay tribute to the killed.

These are some places in Berlin that you should visit. Although you can visit them in one go, the best way to do is to stay in a budget hotel in Berlin, enjoy some tasty food and visit one place at a time. It will allow you to know more in detail about the landmark and you will learn about its importance as well.


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